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An Old Rant About Early Dealer's Den Access

OMD I'm using LJ again!
But it's only because I'm feeling like writing an ages old rant of mine.

So few years back, someone had the most stupid idea of giving SUPER* sponsor an early access to the dealer's den at conventions.
It was quite annoying when people raised complaints drama about it, they were, of course, shut up.
There were furries, who actually super sponsored, used the early access, and they themselves said it's not fair and that it made them feel bad.

[Explanation: It is plenty obvious that if you give early den access to a hundred or so people that have no problems in paying extra money and want to get commissions from the all-loved guys, then the "normal" attendance will not be able to get any from them, cause they'll be sold out... "want to get a commission from Artist X while on Convention Y? Well, you have to pay a bit extra to get in there, otherwise you won't be able to" In other words, taxing]

When I /tried/ to join in with more valid reasoning about why it's stupid and not fair, I of course got told off.
What happened is that the staff simply stated their (stupid) reasoning and locked the thread without giving anyone any chance to answer back... Their reasoning was so fucking stupid!

Just some points I remember:

First of all, it's not fair. Simple as that. Not everyone has money.
So they (the staff) said whined, 'oh but if you don't have money for that you wouldn't have money for commissions anyway'.
Right... cause I can't have enough for just one (or dog forbid even two!) commission/product, while not having for both that and the sponsoring. Asshole.
[Remember, super sponsoring can be quite a bit above the normal con fee!]
And they also said 'oh, but you can contact the artist/store before the convention or commission them outside the convention'.
Right, do you want me to name all the artists that barely have commission slots in conventions, and never have them outside of conventions? Or the amount of limited store products that sometime make it only to conventions?
Do you have any solid reasoning at all???
Oh, and my favorite: 'life isn't fair'.
Well geeee, aren't you making it all the better!

Then I'll proceed to what's the fucking point?!
- People are suppose to sponsor because they want to help, not because of the fucking benefits.
- None sponsors can simply ask their super sponsor friends to get the products for them. Even I did it. (again, what's the fucking point?)

Good thing I don't give a fuck about commissions and products any more, but you know, those meant a lot to me on my first conventions, and you're robbing it from many people.

It's not like the super sponsors don't get plenty of fair benefits.
[Panels? I can find other things to do. Seating? Well I see quite fine from here as well.]

I'm actually in a point if life I can easily super sponsor, and I don't do it just on the merit of this stupidity. I still sponsor one level below if possible.

To finalize: You're suppose to "reward those who pay extra to support the con" rather than "penalize everyone who does not do such a thing"

This is my opinion. Deal with it. And to the conventions staff, no I don't want to hear your opinions to this. You didn't want to listen to mine.

Thanks to the anonymous help at writing this :)

* The naming of the sponsor level that gives this "benefit" may be different between different conventions.
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