Bat Field Work 18/08/2013 - 04/09/2013
So, for those of you who don't know, I'm a MSc. student researching bats.
The species I work on is migratory, and visits the north of Israel around summer. This means you have about 1 month per year of time to get your data.

* Example bat picture from Summer 2012 (Picture by D.Mendyzlewski)

Our first season, a year ago, was decent, considering we tried lots of new stuff and methods. This season was full of experiences, and since I started repeating myself so much when I tell about it to friends around the world, I decided to write some highlights here.

The first week was pretty much horrid. Lots of nights with prep work until 4am when you need to wake up at about 6am. I got  annoyed by people and pressured, and it even reached a point where I just stormed off for an hour to catch some air. It was not easy, and I never wanted to quit the damn degree more in my life.
It slightly got better from there, until the last week which was more decent overall.

The bad news, is after all of this hard work, due to all kind of reasons, we barely got any new data at all :/

* This is not how you're suppose to use a University car by the way.

The following highlights happened in the last week or so:

At one point we rented a 4x4 truck to explore some tracks accessible otherwise. The car suspension though was really crappy, so the journey was never fun.
Eventually this happened:
* There are more pictures of this in my Twitter account @skiewolf

We were stuck badly for an hour until a bunch of field school girls met us and rescued us :)
We managed to push the truck together.
* Yes there were a few boys as well.

Overall we did manage to damage to bottom of our truck in our driving, but that didn't explain the fact the engine died one night at like 1am during work...
The car rental company (AVIS) was pretty shitty about the whole thing, and we ended up paying a lot more than we should have had, and on stuff no one told us about (like km limit pet day).

Afterward I got to sail for the first time... on a fisherman's boat. It was actually a lot of fun. Especially since my supervisor was the closest person to get sea sick (really, I usually call him Chuck Norris).
* This is not a fishing pole....


One of the worse events was the fact a huge truck almost drove us off the road.
It was a one lane each direction road. The truck decided to overtake some car in crazy speed, driving right in front of a car that was in front of us and eventually us.
The car in front of us, and us, immediately stirred away to the shoulder. We were both driving at about 70-80kmh, and the car in front of us was so shocked they stopped on the shoulder instead of keep driving. That meant that we were about to crash it since we skidded (shoulders are dirt basically). So we had to stir farther away into a ditch (that was luckily even there).
We managed to pull out of this with only a flat tire and the front wings of the car damaged.
Truck driver escaped.

On one of the last days I got to hike a nice river:

And I was really lucky to catch sight of two of these, managing to take some pictures even!
(They were spotted by a coworker)

Going for another week tomorrow.
Until next time!

An Old Rant About Criticism
Hello again!
Welcome back to the most delayed rants ever show.

Sometime ago, an artist who produce music videos made, in my honest opinion, two really bad videos.
I'd like to note right here, that said artist produced a lot of things I really liked before those two videos, and even afterwards.
So since I'm a fan of such music videos, I immediately raised my criticism about the poor execution.

Now this is all well and nice, but unrelated to my rant. My rant is about stupid people who gives the most stupid answer to such Criticism: "well dahhh, let's see you do better" or "can you even make videos?" or "what do you know? lets see you make one." etc'
You get the picture. It even got so bad people thought I got a problem with the creator of the videos. Dear dog...

I would just like to note how stupid those answers are.
What you're saying basically is that:
- No one should say how bad a movie is unless they are a director/producer/etc' and make movies.
- No one should have an opinion on a book or story is unless they are a writer.
- No one should have a taste on music unless they write/compose songs.
- No one can judge a tv show, a play, a paper, a game, a company, a... you get the picture.


That is all.

An Old Rant About Early Dealer's Den Access
OMD I'm using LJ again!
But it's only because I'm feeling like writing an ages old rant of mine.

So few years back, someone had the most stupid idea of giving SUPER* sponsor an early access to the dealer's den at conventions.
It was quite annoying when people raised complaints drama about it, they were, of course, shut up.
There were furries, who actually super sponsored, used the early access, and they themselves said it's not fair and that it made them feel bad.

[Explanation: It is plenty obvious that if you give early den access to a hundred or so people that have no problems in paying extra money and want to get commissions from the all-loved guys, then the "normal" attendance will not be able to get any from them, cause they'll be sold out... "want to get a commission from Artist X while on Convention Y? Well, you have to pay a bit extra to get in there, otherwise you won't be able to" In other words, taxing]

When I /tried/ to join in with more valid reasoning about why it's stupid and not fair, I of course got told off.
What happened is that the staff simply stated their (stupid) reasoning and locked the thread without giving anyone any chance to answer back... Their reasoning was so fucking stupid!

Just some points I remember:

First of all, it's not fair. Simple as that. Not everyone has money.
So they (the staff) said whined, 'oh but if you don't have money for that you wouldn't have money for commissions anyway'.
Right... cause I can't have enough for just one (or dog forbid even two!) commission/product, while not having for both that and the sponsoring. Asshole.
[Remember, super sponsoring can be quite a bit above the normal con fee!]
And they also said 'oh, but you can contact the artist/store before the convention or commission them outside the convention'.
Right, do you want me to name all the artists that barely have commission slots in conventions, and never have them outside of conventions? Or the amount of limited store products that sometime make it only to conventions?
Do you have any solid reasoning at all???
Oh, and my favorite: 'life isn't fair'.
Well geeee, aren't you making it all the better!

Then I'll proceed to what's the fucking point?!
- People are suppose to sponsor because they want to help, not because of the fucking benefits.
- None sponsors can simply ask their super sponsor friends to get the products for them. Even I did it. (again, what's the fucking point?)

Good thing I don't give a fuck about commissions and products any more, but you know, those meant a lot to me on my first conventions, and you're robbing it from many people.

It's not like the super sponsors don't get plenty of fair benefits.
[Panels? I can find other things to do. Seating? Well I see quite fine from here as well.]

I'm actually in a point if life I can easily super sponsor, and I don't do it just on the merit of this stupidity. I still sponsor one level below if possible.

To finalize: You're suppose to "reward those who pay extra to support the con" rather than "penalize everyone who does not do such a thing"

This is my opinion. Deal with it. And to the conventions staff, no I don't want to hear your opinions to this. You didn't want to listen to mine.

Thanks to the anonymous help at writing this :)

* The naming of the sponsor level that gives this "benefit" may be different between different conventions.

October 26th
Was one of these days where everything goes wrong. In summary:
Starting with a car accident, proceeding to my laptop gpu dying and rendering my laptop dead.
Bats kept eating me, though mostly worried about tomorrow where I'll need to feed the biters on my own. Bad day at the office you call that.
And in end, midnight my time, DarkRaccoon killed himself :(

Arf. Here's something cute to cheer up though:

Seeking Old Animations...
... that certainly had a role in my furryness.
  1. Sandokan -
    Other then the 9 eps that are available on DVD I can't find the rest of them :(
  2. Simba the King Lion -
    Can't find anything of that. Pretty neat series.

Any help would be appreciated.

Eurofurence 17 (in short)
Great times.

Started with a nice holiday at Paris with my sister, which was awesome.
EF itself was as great as always. I'm very happy we managed to pull some needed room parties that were lacking at the past.
I felt tired throughout most of the convention, I'm certainly not as fit as I used to.
Ringberg was full of memories.

Eurofurence 17

My first ever sheep thing.


Lookie here...Collapse )


Just To Be Clear
I'm not against alcohol, and I'm not against drugs.

I'm against addicts and puppets.

Fact is:
10% of the alcohol consumers I know/knew are/were addicts.
90% of the drug consumers I know/knew are/were addicts.

So you make the math why I tend to dislike drug users.
It's all a matter of consumption.

So, go on, keep convincing yourself.

Random News
  • Megadeth concert was fucking awesome. Best concert I ever been it. Lots of crazy fun. And I even managed to get myself a pick signed by one of them :)
  • School still sucks, but holiday vacation was good ^^
  • Regarding my old post about sports: Damn it! San Antonio is losing :O I mean WTF? You #1 in the west and you're losing to #8, that's just fail.
  • Can't wait for Eurofurence, flights are all booked ^.^ Gonna visit France and Italy too.
  • Can't remember anything else so... Cheers ^.^

For those who wonder, that DNA sequence means I belong to "clan mother" Helena.

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